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Senior Front-end Engineer (146)


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We are looking for its next Angular front-end expert. The ideal candidate will have experience with the ivy compiler generation of Angular, NGRX state management, responsive design, lazy-loaded modules, and browser extensions. Obvious complimentary talents include Typescript and yarn. Testing is a must!

Mandatory skills

  • Solid software development experience, especially with front-end
  • Solid experience working with the latest versions of Angular (9+ or latest)
  • Experience with Typescript
  • Experience working with NGRX/Redux/State
  • Experience with test process and frameworks, such as Chai, Sinon, Jest, etc
  • Previous experience working with SASS
  • Experience and understanding of REST APIs concepts and integrations
  • Previous experience working with high-security focused projects


  • Experience working with modern versioning tools, such as GitHub, as well as Electron
  • Previous experience with Node.js

Non-technical skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A collaborative spirit
  • Everyone's voices are heard and encouraged, so transparency is really important; you should gracefully communicate and receive suggestions and feedbacks


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